BIOROCK 30 PE + solar pump installed at UNHCR Refugees residence in South Lebanon

BIOROCK 30 PE + solar pump installed at UNHCR Refugees residence in South Lebanon


Sanbach, Cheshire


South Lebanon


BIOROCK 30 PE + solar pump


Lebanon has received the highest number of Syrian refugees in the world since the beginning of the crisis in Syria. The country's capacity to respond and withstand the crisis is being severely tested, and the population in Lebanon is becoming increasingly vulnerable and dependent on large-scale international response.  The wastewater treatment needs are also being affected by the influx of refugees with the overall wastewater treatment capacity becoming under pressure from the massive influx of refugees in open air camps.

UNHCR focus its activities on the overall coordination of the Syrian refugee crisis, including access to health. Sanitation is part of the overall problem and easy and quick solutions need to be found to face water treatment needs.

BIOROCK has been chosen by the UNHCR for to serve a Syrian refugee residence in South Lebanon. The system has been sized for 30 persons based on 60L sewerage per person. The system supplied is a BIOROCK E together with a locally purchased PE (Primary Tank). The treated effluent is discharged to a 300L PE tank equipped with a solar pump to complete the installation. Special precautions have been taken for excavation on this rocky site next to the residence.

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